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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trail du Bugey

length: 43.3 km
elevation: 2000 m
time: 5:00

all pictures stolen from:

Small race with about 160 participants that took place in "real" France (not like Geneve). Bugey is mountain range that is definitely interesting for runners and bikers, but not interesting for mountaineers or climbers. I arrived already one day before the race to enjoy the atmosphere of these hills and forests. I drove my car to the small lake close to the middle of map a spend there calm night (apart from all those noisy frogs).

The trail itself is designed in clever way. Well, the shape of the tour is not the most attractive one (look at map) - I don't like too much non-logic loops. But it leads through many highlights of the region, which is maybe more important. The most wonderful part is the forest at 10-15 km. There are old magic trees covered by moss and right at the end of the valley, there is this nice waterfall. At that point in race, we all were feeling like Superman and run like Bolt. Pity, that we couldn't enjoy this place more. Maybe running it other direction would be nicer, since we would be at 30 km where nobody is superman anymore.

The last hill was crazy. 30 degrees slope, 30 degree air (60 in total). I don't know about other guys, but I was walking as fast as turtle backwards. That single hill was one of the hardest mountains in my life. When I arrived to the summit, I drunk few litres of Cola and left all the racing to others. Somehow, I got to finish, but I didn't care about that point and went directly to sleep in my car. When later on I checked the results, I was quite surprised. It wasn't that bad, actually.

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