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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


 65 km, 3500 D+

 All the material to this trail can be found at their beautiful page: link

For me, the most difficult trail so far. The first 30 km is quite technical, not always possible to run. After the highest point on the trail - pass Prafleuri, it is fine. Nice, easy terrain and if you have still some endurance left, you can enjoy running on a smooth path in alpine environment. The trail contains also a section demonstrating the majesty of Alps by wide glaciers and steep faces of summits over 3000. Yes, the trail is astonishing. But honestly, which one in Switzerland is not.

THE pass
 From technological point of view, it is complete techno-party. They almost didn't leave me run, because I had just normal handy and not smartphone. Counting the fact, that trail-runners are not always following the newest and coolest developments at forefront of the technology (like smartphone for example), this condition caused quite a problems not only to me. But we managed somehow. On ther other hand, the possibility of following all the runners live at their web page is cool. MSO did a good job, I have to admit.

after crisis
I had a crisis around the highest point of the race. But who did not. The highest pass is also probably the nicest place of the tour, so of course worth for photographers. I can not present picture from that pass here, beacause I looked really owfull at that point, but every crisis has its end and to me it happend very shortly after pass when first women was overtaking me. I could not stand it so I got from the crisis very quickly.
Surprisingly, the last 30 km were very smooth, perhaps better as first 30 km. It is longest run I ever tried and I was very happy that I could really run up to very end. Only thing that dissapinted me a bit was not a good marking shortly before finish. I was almost lost after 65 km of running.

Deep respect to these guys
The guys at upper picture are heroes for me. Much older than me and run maybe even better then me. I would really be proud of myself if I finish such a race at their age with such a good time. Well, that is whole life project. Next time something longer!