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Servus, whoever you are. This blog offers you some tips for trips, links and my experiences with given tour. There could be also some interwievs or philosophical thoughs hidden here and there. But don't take them to seriously.
Don't hesitate to contact me in case you want to ask for info and also write comments if you like:

My Projects


this is the third largest peak of Caucasus mountain range. Together with Dychtau, very interesting and difficult climb from whichever side. Well known for its Bezingi wall. We plan to climb it in three days from its south side from Georgia.

link: shkhara-ThePlan


there is 82 peaks of Alps above 4000. The plan is to climb all of them in following years.

link: alps82

Run the wall

this the project of my heart. Doesn't really matter when, how, which wall, how often. Just run the wall with your running shoes and maybe climbing shoes in your bag. Coming bellow the wall and looking up to the top, one can not really say whether it is doable or not. Can well be that there is a part with too difficult climb. Can well be that there culoir with the stones falling down so that one can not enter that. Snow fields, exhaustion, danger of fall, weather ... One wants to be at the top as fast as possible.

link: skyrunning

Run the hill

project started with Schlossberglauf which is not available at the moment as somebody destroyed my boxes. But there will be more runs like that soon.

link: schlossberglauf

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