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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


R: 'Becaue I want to share the moment with my friends.'
Are you kidding me?
R: 'Because I want to show how beautiful the place is.'
R: 'Because I want to motivate the others to be as cool as me.'
Okay, but really?
R: 'Because I want to show how I cool I am. The moment was actually unpleasant and the view also not that nice. But everybody is faking the truth a bit. That's fb standard. I am doing only what everybody else does.'
Okay, I believe you.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Old man is driving his old car towards cemetery, where he buried his daughter who died in car accident 20 years ago. He is the only person, that keep going there every week to bring her a flowers. Although he lost the most important person in his life, he hasn't lost anything from his enthusiasm and has lived fruitful life as one of the best painters of last decade. He is driving a normal speed, breaking a speed limit only by 5 km/h, as usual. He loves his car and he would never buy another one until this works. This man doesn't deserve compassion. Not at all. This man deserves admiration and love.
Young robot is driving with distance less than one meter behind the back of old man's car. The old man is just obstacle for him, piece of shit on the road. He is a big guy, you know, Somebody. King of the world, big boss, that can show everybody else how big his dick is. The road belongs to him and he is fucking good driver. Finally, he can overtake him and show his long middle finger to the old man. The robot works as ticket seller in a cinema and his only hobby is to watch football games and to show his dick to other young robots. He puts all his money to his look and he needs to take a large loan in order to buy audi, because only that can bring him respect before other robots. No matter how meaningless he really is, his teachers at school taught him well how important he is. And so he learnt.

We are not equal. I am less than the other humans, but more than a robot.

The Triangle

We believe we know well who they are. We know exactly how they are thinking. We know that all they do is fake. We know why they are so shallow. We are completely certain of our attitudes towards them. We can simply judge them and quickly convict them. 

Until we speak with them.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Le Index

difficulty: pd
altitude: ~2700
month: August

Chamo, in local dialekt, is place with remarkable mountaineering history and culture. In the streets of Chamonix, every second person is probably better climber than me and the rest are all those fency people, v.i.p., evaluating their life by amount of rubbish they can buy. What remains truth is, that whatever you do in the nature around the town, is real joy.

And we did. Me and my father. Very short tour, but adventurous enough. We used the cable car to L'Index, since we are not the youngest ones, and headed towards the granit mountains next to the Aig. Crochues.



We crossed the pass ...

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The low quality of products made by robots is alarming.
But that is all fine,
until robots can keep buying new stuff frequently and destroying it quickly for its low quality. Money keep circulating in this way, and robots are happy that they have somthing new every other day. Furthermore, effective salary and living standards decreases by a lot in this way, what keeps power in hands of leading robots, who can dictate to middle class robots what to buy and how to live. The low quality directly impacts also amount of waste that robots produce.
But it is all fine,
robots even developed trading with the waste. And it keeps robots even more satisfied, when tha can separate the waste thinking that they do something good for the Nature. The Land of Liberte stays at the forefront of this development. Congratulations.
It is all fine.
Let's pretend we don't see that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


There are many human beings that could be loved in any human or robot life/lifetime. But only one can be loved truly, with no limits, for entire live. And if such love brings other human to life, the outcome is amazing. I believe that robots can love, but I doubt that robots can grow a human.


Own pride should stop you from doing nasty things agianst me. If not, I am not going to judge you or take any revanche. I am going to consider you as a robot, not worth of my attention, love or supprot. Only in that way I can say, that nobody from human beings has done anything bad to me so far. Which also means, that I never managed to bring any robot back to life. Maybe, I am just weak for that.


Neznalost rizika je sladká. Povědomí o rizku nijak nepomáhá, stejně člověk to riziko podstoupí.
Riziko dodává životu smysl. Kdyby zde nebylo, a vše by dopadlo zaručeně dobře, lidé by se stali apatickými. Tento efekt lze snadno sledovat u robotů v nákupních centrech. Jejich apatie k životu je do očí bijící, jejich profil na facebooku zato zaří životem. Jsem rád za roboty - dokazují mi, že jsem člověk, ale musí jich být tolik?

Tento den jsem strávil s člověkem, nikoliv robotem, který se jednou octl v lavině, z které narozdíl od jeho kamaráda vyvázl živí. V tento den, na té samé hoře, zemřel člověk pod lavinou. 


I do not consider myself as alpinist, ski-alpinist or climber. I consider myself as a scared boy accursed by mountains. My look and pictures showing verticality are not important to me. Only thing I care of is to be safe back to my doughter.

although, verticality is cool

Divoky dul

Selfishness originates in lack of acceptance of own pointlessness. 
Some humans beheave like selfish high-muck-a-muck who need to prove their importance and individuality by ordering other people what to do, pretending that they got all the right.

Such stupidity can be for instnance excused by rules for protecting nature. Forbiding people to access forests, meadows, rocks, icefalls and all the other gifts of nature, is an act against freedom. The nature might be better protected with rules and idiots like that. But human soul, culture and free mind suffers. We are becomming to be machines that are vasting their time in shoping malls.

Simply: the stronger the rules are, the more people don't know how to beheave according common sense. 

Pte. Verte - Chevaliere

Not many robots are willing to take responsibility for the negative consequences of their own actions. This leads to very unpleasant behaviour of such robots - their mind consciously refuses any kind of fault. But their unconscious knows the truth, and pushes them to hate themselves. I am about to believe that majority of the human beings are just broken robots.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Aig. des Chamonix

difficulty: 4c
altitude: ~3000
month: September

Verticality of  the Chamonix towers remind us how small we are. And how small, naive and ugly are the highrise buildings in Chamonix.

Kolmost věží nad Chamonix nám připomíná, jak jsme malí. A jak naivní jsou pokusy přerůst hory stavením výškových betonových budov, třeba těch v Chamonix.


I am not very often reporting about climbing routes and I won't do that this time neither. I'll rather tell some words about climbers. Real climbers, not like me.
 They all follow common pattern, which is probably written somewhere in a Bible for climbers. Firstly, the way they earn money is either exhibicionismus, prostitution or work at height. Secondly, their cars are very close to the end of lifetime - travelling to rocks is already an adventure. As a third commandment, you would find something about alcohol like: "drink 10 beers and still able to made it to the end of slack-line". Fourth, shower is for the loosers. Fifth, eating whenever, whatever, whereever, the best food is for free. Sixth, coffee from moka pot before and after climbing. Seventh, never pay for night! Forest is your hotel, cave is your bedroom. Under a bridge is also fine. Eight, partner has to be also climber, otherwise wouldn't be able to sustain that. Or, no partner at all, only girlfriends, one per climbing area - so that night is for free, or even paid (see commandment 1 and 7).  Ninth, helping your friend whenever he gets into troubles, for example late evening in a pub. Tenth, be able, be villing and be happy to lead whichever pitch in witchever situation, in order to safe bolls of your climbing-partner. Especially the last two commandments are crucial.

From time to time,  I have that possibility to climb with such a real climber. It happened to me at Brevent above Chamonix, and it was a good piece, I have to say.

A jak se to slefie dela, vole?
Na druhyho

Vertical wall of Brevent