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jemand hat Zielstelle zerstoert. Neue Zielstelle ist kurz vor die alte. Ich habe die Stadt Freiburg fuer offiziele Erlaubnis ersucht.

some idot damaged Finish place. New position is few meters before the old one. I asked Freiburg for official permission.

Slossberglauf stands for short run up to the hill starting from Freiburg-Oberau and ending on the top of Schlossberg. The route is not fixed, one can choose the best one for him/her and run it as many times as one wants. I'll give you more information later on this page but let's start with the best results:

Best times girls: comming soon
Best times boys: comming soon
Feldberg: comming soon
Matterhorn: comming soon
Mont Everest: comming soon

As one can see, we have 5 categories. First two are clear by the name (Well I have to distinguish gender by the name in the Gipfelbuch so if you don't see your name and should be there, please write me an email). In Feldberg, Matterhorn, Mt. Everest categories, there are listed those runners who made the altitude of corresponding mountain (10,30,60).

About this project:

Detailed info is available here: instructions

It happend me once in Czech Republic that I step on the wrong train so I had a lot of time to think about how to make running more funny. When I came back to Freiburg I explained everything to Martina and convinced her to help me with this project. It gave us little bit of time to prepare that but the result is there:

Map is made using OpenStreetMaps. It shows the path, which is also marked by green signs directly in the forest but most probably not the most optimal for everybody. At the place of start and finish, there are small boxes where one can find all the information, printed maps and Gipfelbuch in case of finish, where one can write his/her name and time (gender as well if it is not clear from the name). Photo-documentation of these points follows:

on the right picture is old Finish
                                     (somebody destroyed that!)

How to get to the place of start:

Get to the Schwabentor and find the Himalaya shop. Than follow the path in direction of vineyard. When you get to the point where one path goes left up the hill (there is also same plate with the name of the path), don't go there and just continue along the hill till you get to the place of start. Google maps coordianets (47.992959,7.863485).

Some interesting notes:

  • there is no starting fee, this project is for free, we are doing it for free and we don't want to profit from that.
  • this project will be running till we stay at Freiburg (at least one year)
  • we will be more than happy if any other project like this will appear wherever else. We would like to make more of such runs all around the Europe. 
  • contact me in case of any questions or suggestions and have fun.
  • see you there!  

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