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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Domhutte - Hohewaechte

difficulty: pd-
altitude: 3740
solitude: almost
month: June 

The plan was to climb Dirruhorn, plan B would be tour to Lenzspitze, plan C was Hoehewaechte - small peak standing beside Dom and Lenzspitze. Fortunately, there was no plan D. We were not brave enough for plan A. Europahut was still out of order and sleeping outside in predicted thunderstorm wouldn't be comfortable. Lenzspitze wasn't possible at all, there was no track and the glacier was in terrible shape. In the end, Hoehewaechte was the highest point we could get, and none of other two groups that tried Dom got higher. Actualy, both the groups got in serious troubles there.

There is no obstacle on this tour, one just need to be little bit careful down on glacier. There is no path, just a few stonemans here and there. The route itself is actually not interesting, but the view are spectacular. Unfortunately, we couldn't enjoy them from the summit since all giants around were in clouds. Actually, we got storm on the summit so we had to escape soon.

At some point during the descent, we turned and looked back. That was good joke from the nature - perfectly clear sky. Well, we have to come back for Lenzspitz again.