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Servus, whoever you are. This blog offers you some tips for trips, links and my experiences with given tour. There could be also some interwievs or philosophical thoughs hidden here and there. But don't take them to seriously.
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VHT OBTÍŽNOSTI (mountain grading system)


French system IFAS:

no grade ... for babies
F ... for advanced babies
PD- ... for really experienced babies
PD ... for adults (my grade)
PD+ ... start to be difficult for adults
AD- ... quite challenging for adults, partially easy climbing

AD,AD+,D,TD,ED,ADO ... for crazy people 


What we use most often in middle Europe is UIAA grading system and I have feeling that SCA system is always used in climbing gyms. SCA grading system is used in this blog in case of rock climbing and UIAA system to describe difficulty of climbing parts during mountaineering. Please check the table with grades: 

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