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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


The F system is built on following pillars:

1) Everybody has to be average. Exceptions are not accepted. 
2) BUT, everybody has to get a feeling that is exceptional.
3) People can have high salaries, but saving money for future is forbidden. The system finds well sophisticated ways to legally steal money from richer individuals.
4) People don't need common sense.  Tight limitations and regulations on what they are allowed to do protect them and are more easily adjustable by the system. 
5) All cultural aspects have to be slowly removed from the system. Biggest adventure of a human being should be shopping on Saturday.
6) Harsh safety polices have to be applied, so that people don't need to behave safe by their own will.
7)  People don't need to be well educated. The more stupid they are, the less power they can have.
8) Everybody has to control every person in his/her surrounding. Everybody knows well, what is right. Right is only what is allowed. The system is than nicely self-controlled.
9) Dogs have to be everywhere. Who doesn't like dogs, doesn't like people and is against the system.

These pillars are based on long-term observations. The list might not be complete.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Growing kids is much more difficult than expected.
Although the problem is not in kids, but in us parents.
Love turns into survival adventure. 
Mountaineering turns to be more psychicaly demanding.
Live becomes harder.

But one day, we grow one of us.