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Saturday, December 24, 2016


difficulty: -
month: November
beauty: 10/10

Winter arrived little bit sooner this season and offered us quite good snow conditions for ski-touring even to summits of Schwarzwald or Jura. This snow was however melted in few days, but we were already switched to the winter mode and our hunger after snow was big.
The Rugghuebel hut stays proudly above the Engelberg, which is hidden in mist and clouds covering Switzerland lownlands all Fall long. Since snow covered surrounding slopes from 2000 meters, the summer route from Engeleberg was still passable. Nevertheless, there was nobody, in the entire valley of the hut and we were only visitors in all-winter opened Winterraum.
There was enough snow to make a little tour. We intended to explore the glaciers bellow Wissigstock, but long shades on snow cover in shape of crevasses were ment, that crevasses are still not completely filled by snow. Thus, we decided to follow 55 (see map) track only to the pass on Rot Graetli. We descended from here to the bottom of the valley and used 533 c to get back to the hut. 

Days are short, and Winterraum of Rugghuebel hut is perfec place to spend a night with candels and bottle of wine. If you are there alone, I might get a feeling of only humans in the world, or at least in this valley. The approach of this hut might be more difficult in winter, but the more solitude you gain. Longer days and better snow conditions of early spring might be the best time to go there.

in the pass