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Friday, May 25, 2018


Age of emoticons. The body language disappeared from almost all of our dialogues. We use emoticons to express ourselves uniformly across the world. We want to be unique, but actually all the Robots use the same smileys. If a Robot wants to express himself 'really', he/she place more emoticons in a row. Privacy and safety is not in the hands of Robots anymore, because they are not able to distinguish lie anymore. Only hope that remains is in our spy systems, that they protect us and keep our privacy at the same time. 

Let's imagine our spouses, kids, friends, smiling, crying, screaming, arguing ...
also negative expressions are important, they are natural.

To translate:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


This society doesn't need everybody working 8 hours a day. Most of the work we do is useless, or in worse case, waste of resources and polluting the nature. It is cruel reality, but most of the people are not important and could be replaced. What is worse, that this society are pushing us to work more and more and enjoy the life less and less. Human intrinsic development is unacceptable.

But it is our fault. We are buying it. We are working more in order to earn more money that we can spend for the useless and low-quality garbage. We all start to behave according to the same pattern. Brain activity is not appreciated and not needed. We have our rules, our programs. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Midi North

Individuality and talent are the engin for both, human and technical development. However, not individuality nor talent of human beings are appreciated by governments of certain countries. In the pretext of fairness, smart and interesting humans are suppressed, and the grey average that fit into 'normal' pattern is favoured. But the real reason is not the fairness, but easier control of human thoughts and of course, better. control of investment flow.

The technical development suffers only partially, still better tools are needed in order to more efficiently control and impact people. And such kind of research will be always supported. On the other hand, human development suffers a lot. Culture remain at very bottom on the budget list of all countries of this silly world. Technologies that we developed in last 100 years are astonishing, but we are not developed enough as a humans. It is like if one provides guns to monkeys.