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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kingdom Rysy - Vysoka

altitude: 2499 m
difficulty: f
month: May

High Tatras. Himalyas of Slovakia with Krivan as iconic as Ama Dablam. It is place with atmosphere where fear from mountains can be cut by knife. So many experienced mountaineers died right here. It might be, that these mountains are playground for beginners and remains underestimated by experienced climbers. But it also can be, that its northern climate makes the climbs harder.

Tatarka's face

We both, me and Dandy, considered that rather like trip to silence and deep spirit of granite walls, trip to the mountains about which we dreamt in childhood. We took it easy and climbed to the summit of Rysy and almost to the summit of Vysoka (we didn't know the route so we climbed as high as I was willing to without a rope). We carried. Both up and down. And we drunk and played guitar. We were happy up there.

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