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Monday, July 10, 2017

Aig. Puetereay

not completed
difficulty: AD
altitude: ~2800
month: June

Yes, Aig. Noir du Pueteray has over 3700 and yes, we reached only 2800 ...
Bad weather ...
Mountain didn't admit us ...
Whatever, we are chickens.

East ridge. The route is supposed to be a descent line. I didn't intend to climb the south ridge (TD) since there are not belay stations and you can not simply escape from that route by rappelling down. The south ridge on the other hand, shall be well equipped for descent. But I can speak only about first few meters on that line because we turned back quite soon on that grassy field. It was raining, rope was wet, grass was slippery and now way of belaying there.

The night before that hopeless try, we spent on the wonderful place. It is old Borelli hut that is not in operation anymore, but is open. It is potentially dangerous because it is exposed to direct stone falls, especially in rainy weather but we were lucky :-)

grassy fields
Finding the start of the route is a bit tricky. It is pretty high in the arena of the south-west face.

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