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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


difficulty: -
altitude: 3610 m
month: October

I am reporting about this tour with little delay. The point is that being out there is real fun, but reporting ... you know. Although my words might not be interesting, check out the picture. To summarize very quickly: this is one of the easiest mountain with altitude over 3500 in the Alps. It is really worth to run it. For the ski-touring, I would personally rather choose the Brunegghorn next to it. Although Barrhorn is simple summer track, there could be some tricky sections in winter due to risk of avalanches.

Technical difficulties were not on the plan. I wanted to be alone. This area could be great choice for solitude, but only out of season of the Turtman hut (it serves as Winterraum). But this wasn't the case in early October, still few tourists (maybe appearing here from the same reason as me)  were there.

Actually, I intended to follow the north ridge to Brunegghorn over Schoellihorn. And I did few steps in that direction. But it was clear immediately that this plan would regard much more effort, because snow wasn't firm enough. Thus I turned into opposite direction and headed towards Barrhorn. 

the pass between Barrhorn and Schoellihorn

few steps in direction of Brunegghorn

summit of Barrhorn

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