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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Aig. du Tour

difficulty: f
altitude: 3540
month: August
This one-day tour starts in Le Tour and leads to the summit of Aig. du Tour. Simply, it is nice glacier tour. My tour partner was Simone, with whom I have already climbed some crags.

The bottom part of the glacier can be walked without rope. Firstly, snow was firm, secondly crevasses were uncovered. But as we ascended higher and higher, snow was softer and softer, so we decided to rope up.

There is very fe technical steps last 100 metres bellow the summit. Firstly, one has to get over crevasse in steep snow field bellow the foot of the summit rock, and then the rock itself. Shall not be however an issue for most of the people.

The mountain gods: Chardonet, Verte, Blanc

The granite of Chomonix, white snow and blue sky are the wonderful combination, the pleasure for my eyes. I admit it would be better without the crowd of people. If I have that power, I would forbid them to come there. Fortunately, I have not that power and people can enjoy this mountain as well.

Beautiful unnamed peak, unfortunately, climbing there is quite short so it is not worth to take all the equipment. Maybe from the other side?

Descent back to Le Tour

Running. Another passion. Highly recommended. Only in mountains.

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