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Friday, November 6, 2015

7 pitches in Schwarzwald?

difficulty: 5+
altitude: ~1000 m
month: October

am I kidding? 7 pitches tour in Schawarzwald? Of course I am. There is not any real big wall. But with little bit fantasy and art you can imagine one. We did so at Gfaellfelsen (47.911934, 7.941689) already reported somewhere at this blog. The tour can be organized so that one start at the foot of Baertuermle and take three pitches to its top (5+,3,4).

The middle part at the left picture is easy, short and ugly. The rest is o.k. You don't need any topo, just follow the belay and if you need to decide then go right. Some additional info can be found here: schwarzwald rocks

The upper picture shows the view to the following pitches: the upper Rhodewand at the very left and thee upper-most rock at the left (the summit of our tour). One has to rappel from the Bauertuermle and take a path to the left (40 meters rope is at the limit, see picture at the bottom). Jou, that's a pity that one has to walk 60 meters on the path, otherwise it would be one nice fluent tour.

At the foot of Rhodewand, one can choose from many options. The lightest is at level of 4. We climbed there already all of the easy 3-pitches routes, I can recommend that one at the very left, (4+,3+,5).

The last pitch took place at the upper rock. Here is one of the very best quality of the rock and even the easy routes are nice, vertical and with amazing holds. Again there is variety of easy routes from 3-6.

The final steps after 7-pitches climbing. Exhaustion of course is there, feel of extreme (I am kidding, it is nice and very comfortable climbing, but a great views and little feel of exposure is there).

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