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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mont Buet

difficulty: f
altitude: 3096 m
date: July

Geneve, Friday noon, 39 degrees. We need escape to the mountains and very high otherwise bodies would be boiled. The temperature is little bit more acceptable at Ref. du Grenairon. If not the mountains around this place is worth to visit. When I arrived I said: "This is the smell of India." Some goats were staring at me from the roof of the first building like it is me who is weird down at the path and not them at the roof. The Mantras fluttering in the wind. The Tibetan flag next to the chalet. I enjoyed the chalet, its staff, cheese and food in general, sleeping, interesting drawings on the walls ... 

5:30 breakfast and walking trip to Mont Buet. There are some more technical parts not recommended to older people. We had the seats and the rope with us but it wasn't really needed. We planed the trip as a traverse of the mountain as it is much for fun to use different route down (see the map).

When we arrived to the summit I was stunned by the number of runners there. Since Kilian's epoch, I always feel like a looser at the summit with my big mountaineering boots. Yes, those nice times when just few people with their old damaged touristic equipment visited the summit are gone. If you don't come with shorts and running shoes you are not cool any more. I thought about to donate Kilan my old boots "Numero Uno". I would bet then that the summits of Alps wouldn't look like Salomon fashion show any more. This plan has one small issue, Kilian would probably not fit into my foot size.

But back to the descent. It was quite exhausting but finally we arrived to some small river where I ended up with screaming like a Homo Neandrtalis in very cold water. After a while, Martina was screaming with me. Few beers in the chalet close to it and long trip back to the boiling car.

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