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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Punta Bianca de la Grivola

dificulty: pd
altitude: 3793 m


I lost my sky two months ago at Gran Paradiso and it was found deep in the valley. Guys that found the sky didn't left any contact but thanks a lot to them at least in this way. Thanks also to the Bar bellow G.P (that one with great coffee) that I could pick up the sky there.

I had to pick up the sky so I couldn't resist to go somewhere. Martina was sick so I had to go alone. I decided for the area of La Grivola. First day I raised up to the Bivacco Grivola, what is nice cottage but it was closed so I spent the night in its base. I went to the summit of Punta Bianca next day. There is just few technical steps. I would say pd, but maybe I didn't choose the most optimal route as signs were hidden under snow. It was my first solo accent. I didn't meet anybody. I think there was nobody at the summit this year.

Gran Paradiso on the left, Ecrins in the middle, Mt. Blanc on the right

Mt.Blanc, Grand J., Grivola (in front), Dom, Matterhorn, Mt. Rosa,

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