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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dents du Midi - Haute Cime

difficulty: F
altitude: 3240
month: May

be careful in the gorge

It should be just recovering trip but it wasn't. The point was that we wanted to spend a night in the bivouac in the Susanfe pass as it is depicted here . But when we reached with heavy rucksacks we coudn't find the bivouac. Either I was blind or it was totally covered by the snow or it doesn't exist any more. So we had to return back to Cabane the Susanfe which is amazing place. The avalanches were falling all around us and scaring seracs at Mt. Rhuan gave that area spirit of really high Mountains.  

I thought we will be to lazy to go back to the pass and to reach the summit of Haute Cime, but it surprisingly wasn't that case. We woke up early (the snow was anyway to wet) and we ascended the pass and continued to the summit. There are no technical difficulties and avalanches situation there wasn't that risky (but in bad conditions can be, be careful).

Haute Cime on the left with whole route

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