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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Aig. d'Orny

difficulty: 5b (5+)
altitude: 3150 m.
month: June

We had big plans in the area of Glacier d'Orny and Plateau du Trient. Classical rock climbing routes as well as Culoir Cropt, mix route at the level of D-.

The ascent from Champex to Cabane d'Orny took us approx. 5 hours. We were however slow, because of heavy rucksacks we carried and because of my exhausted legs after damn ultra-trail NSBNT.

Tuesday. We had a beautiful day in front of us. No stress. No rush.  No fear from the classic, route La Moquette. At 8am, we waited in queue where the route starts, like for tickets in cinema. After an hour of waiting, we could start our tour. 

And it was worth to wait. It is quite simple route, with lot of belay, amazing views and very exposed sections and the best quality of rock ever. It was like a dream.

After few hours of nice climbing, we reached one of my very best summits.

Descent started with rappelling of the last pitch. Then we walked over the stone field to the snow field in the east direction from the summit. Snow was very wet, ideal condition for sliding on boots. So I did, with a broad smile like young guy on a chute. But I fell down, and before I could use my ice-axe as a break, I hit first stones with my foots. They throw me into air and my body, out of control, did a somersault... I landed on the rock with my chest... A guide standing nearby run to me asking whether I am alive. I said something like: "Nevim ... I don't know ... I can not believe it, but it seems that I'm ok." After this acrobatic piece, the guide accompanied us the hut, and asked a doctor that was at the hut to check my chest.

I remember, that my uncle told me about similar experience that happened to him and few of my friends as well. Well, this is not the safest hobby one can do. And we all should admit that.  

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