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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tour Du Chardonet

dificulty: PD
altitude: 3340
month: April

This is about one of the classic ski-tours - green on the map. On days of nice weather, it would be very difficult to find solitude here but the beauty of this area is there no matter of how many people is around. I was planning to do this tour alone but since Dadka visited us, I used that opportunity and take her with me since she is very experienced skier. 

I have to admit that I did a mistake on the glacier after circa 1 hour of the tour. Once we entered the glacier we could see the glacier step which is usually crossed at very right. Since the right side looked very icy, I decided to cross the step in middle of the glacier. But it is really crevassed at that part and one has to go back and forth all the way. However, we managed somehow and arrived to the foot of the slope going to pass du Chardonet.

We decided to take a crampones here and walked the first steep section of the slope. That was good decision. All other alpinists there didn't do so and fell down after few meters in that slope. Some of the falls were dangerous and they lost even more time than we with putting up the crampones.

And then the tour became to be a better one. Views to north faces Vert and Droites are astonishing. Maybe one of the best views in the Alps.

From the pass, there is short section to rappel down. But this makes the tour nicer. We got stuck at the pass waiting for others to rappel down. It might be more clever to wait a bit few meters bellow pass where it is not so windy.

We started the tour too late I have to say. The consequence of that was, that in the second pass (between Fourche and Chardonet) we had to cross, the snow was already too wet and potentially dangerous. We took the risk in order to be fast since the weather seemed to get worse. Well, mountains are never without danger. That's how it is even though one can be responsible and reliable as much as possible.

I have to admit that this was the best tour I did this winter. Definitely recommended by 9 of 10 washing machine makers.

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