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Monday, April 17, 2017

Pte. Vouasson

difficulty: f (descent AD)
month: April
altitude: 3490 m.

This on of my favourite tours. Reason is simple: it goes high and it is easy all the way up. No technical parts, zero. Crowding was minimal. But I had that fortune to meet a teacher from Laussane and apparently very good skier. We met on the parking place and I was very lucky with the company because otherwise I would have to go alone to the summit I had never been to. So we became friends.

Some practical info about that tour? Hm. No need. It is very simple. Only a mist or bad weather could make some difficulties on this tour, but there is a hut in the middle of ascent. And anyway, today everybody uses GPS tracker, so even a mist wouldn't problem. Maybe only dummy guys like me, who are happy with only compass and map, could take this info seriously.

On the picture bellow, I am crossing an avalanche in only pass one has to cross on the tour - when entering the glacier. This avalanche was in my opinion triggered on purpose by mountain rescue. It fell down from the slope on the right from photographer point of view where the slope is roughly 20-25 degrees. I wouldn't expect any large danger in colder days. Powder avalanche is very improbable.

Descent is marked red on the map. It was cool. Since I was with very experienced skier, I fully put the rout choice on him. And it was worth. Even on ascent, we had to put our skies down couple of times due to lack of snow, with this descent path, we could reach the road with no interrupts.

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